Lothar highlights binding Reyna’s Dismiss ability to turn invulnerable after one-tapping in VALORANT

Reyna players should experiment with this tactic.

Image via Riot Games

G2 VALORANT streamer Lothar discovered a way to instantly turn invulnerable after one-tapping enemies with Reyna’s E ability by binding the ability to left-click.

Lothar explained that Reyna’s Dismiss ability, set to E by default, can also be bound to left-click. The ability can only be activated after killing an enemy for a brief period, but binding it to the left-click will activate it instantly after killing an enemy. 

This allows players to instantly escape danger after one-tapping an enemy, making the difference in crucial situations. Immediately turning invulnerable will prevent enemies from instantly trading the kill and provide a brief window of time to escape. 

But other players explained how the tactic can also be a detriment in certain situations. Reyna can heal herself with her Devour ability, which can only be activated after killing an enemy. This ability is interchangeable with the Dismiss ability and is the better option if you're low on health. 

Automatically activating the Dismiss ability prevents players from healing and can significantly impact a round. But the ability only instantly activates when one-tapping enemies, so killing a player with body shots will still allow players to choose between either option. 

Players can edit the bind between rounds, but this is a lot to worry about when trying to buy weapons and coordinate with teammates. 

The left-click bind only works in full buy rounds since a rifle is needed to one-tap enemies. It can be useful in certain situations, but it's unclear if Reyna mains will start using this technique consistently. 

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