Looking through Killjoy’s Alarmbot prevents Reyna from blinding you in VALORANT

One player discovered the nifty trick.

Image via Riot Games

Another day, another Killjoy exploit.

One VALORANT player discovered an exploit that lets you avoid being blinded by Reyna’s Leer, posting the odd occurrence on Reddit last night. Dot Esports tested this bug out and found similar results.

Killjoy’s Alarmbot deploys a covert device that hunts down enemies who get in range, giving them a Vulnerable debuff. But the player discovered that looking through the device can prevent Reyna’s blind from affecting you.

When the enemy Reyna used Leer and swung to potentially shoot down blinded enemies, Killjoy headshot her immediately. This can adversely affect matchmaking and is problematic because it completely negates an agent’s ability.

Dot Esports tested this exploit out with Phoenix and Breach’s blinds. Looking through Alarmbot didn’t prevent those abilities from working and appears to only affect Reyna’s Leer.

Killjoy’s release has been a bit rocky. The agent was disabled from pro tournaments to ensure “competitive integrity” and has caused several other exploits. Another player found that Sages can place their wall on top of Killjoy’s turret to create insane boost spots, for example.

If Riot gets wind of these exploits, the developers will likely fix them in an upcoming patch.