Broken VALORANT glitch allows players to place Sage’s wall on Killjoy’s turrets for crazy boost spots

Another exploit has cropped up with Killjoy's turrets.

Image via Riot Games

Another day, another VALORANT glitch with Killjoy’s turret. This time, players have discovered that Sage can actually place her barriers on top of the turrets, giving people incredibly strong boost spots on almost any map.

Similar to the Reyna glitch where other abilities could be placed on her Leer orb, Sage can actually stack her wall on top of Killjoy’s turret. As a result, this has been used to great effect on maps like Ascent, which have multiple tall angles and windows that can be peeked through by defenders.

In this first clip, the player gets boosted up on A Heaven on Ascent, allowing him to see over the tall wall and onto the site. Since no one expects to peek from this angle, he’s able to mow down the entire enemy team while they rush into the area.

Another defender-sided boost that some players found allows a player to look through the windows on the B site on Ascent. This gives the defender a clean look into the attacker’s staging area and also provides a perfect angle to take down multiple groups of enemies.

On the other maps, this boost can still be useful to surprise unsuspecting enemies with a high angle. By shooting down at opponents, you also have a better chance of hitting a headshot and chaining a kill streak together.

Since Riot Games has patched out boosts like this before, players should expect this exploit to be removed in a coming patch. Patch 1.06 was released five days ago, but Riot could get rid of this interaction in a hotfix.