New VALORANT bug allows players to place Sage’s wall, Sova’s Recon Dart, and Cypher’s cage on Reyna’s Leer orb

Another day, another glitch.

Image via Riot Games

It’s only been two weeks since VALORANT has released, but players have discovered yet another glitch in the game. This time, however, it has to do with the newest agent to join the roster, Reyna.

When Reyna uses her Leer ability, she throws out an orb that causes enemy players to become nearsighted if they look at it. But the orb can be shot down by enemies to remove the effect.

Some people have recently found out that although players can’t run into the orb, abilities like Sage’s Barrier Orb, Sova’s Recon Dart, and Cypher’s Cyber Cage can all be placed onto Reyna’s Leer. Additionally, those same abilities will remain in the air even after the Leer orb expires.

This should get patched in the next game update because it can provide defenders and attackers with overpowered angles that wouldn’t have been available otherwise.

Since the ability can stay in the air after the orb disappears, this can also give Cypher the ability to create one-way cages that allow him to shoot at his enemies while they can’t even see where he is.

It’s good that players are finding these glitches with Reyna now, however, before VALORANT’s ranked system is implemented in the upcoming patches. Riot Games didn’t want to enable ranked at launch because there were many new elements being added to the game that could cause bugs, including a new agent and map.