Jett can use Sage’s wall to perform a speed glitch in VALORANT

Look out for the flying Jett.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players have discovered a new glitch that gives Jett a speed boost while dashing on top of Sage’s wall. 

Jett’s dash is one of the most viable abilities in VALORANT since it allows players to escape danger quickly. But it’s also one of the most frustrating abilities to encounter because it makes it tough to kill an enemy Jett without them escaping. A new bug makes the dash even faster when combined with Sage’s wall, resulting in a terrifying speed boost that can change the outcome of a round. 

VALORANT player TPAXTOP uploaded a short video of the glitch in action. Jett players must stand on top of a Sage wall and dash sideways on the edge of the wall for the bug to work. If done correctly, Jett will soar through the air and can make it across a map in seconds. Players can also use Jett’s updraft ability to extend their flight time and make it even further on the map.

The bug does require Sage’s wall and Jett’s dash, which aren’t always readily available. A team can coordinate to launch Jett deep into the enemy spawn at the beginning of a round, however.

Jett’s dash has allowed players to reach several out-of-bounds areas or spots in the past and has had weird interactions with other objects. Riot Games will likely remove this unintentional glitch in a future update. 

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