Immortals beat Envy to win VCT North America Challengers 1: Open Qualifier

Well played.

Image via Riot Games

Immortals burned through the VCT NA Challengers 1: Open Qualifier bracket this weekend to take home the win in the grand finals last night.

Everything past the top eight in the VALORANT tournament was essentially for seeding for the closed portion of the qualifier, but it was still an impressive performance from the new-look Immortals squad. Before the tournament, Immortals added Rhett “Kehmicals” Lynch and Nicholas “NaturE” Garrison after parting ways with Jason “neptune” Tran and Jason “jmoh” Mohandessi.

Immortals is known as a bit of a talent factory so far in VALORANT. The team sent 100 Thieves dicey and Asuna and multiple former Immortals players have gone on to play for teams like NRG and Rise. Since the Immortals team was founded, 11 different players have played for the squad. Only Genghsta and jcStani remain from the original roster.

Immortals defeated C9 Blue to punch their ticket to the closed portion of the qualifiers. In the quarterfinals, they took down XSET 2-0 and moved on to upset Sentinels 2-1. They then beat Envy 3-1 in the finals, winning Split, Bind, and Ascent while only dropping Icebox by two rounds.

Envy didn’t drop a map until the grand finals.

Kehmicals led the way in terms of fragging power, posting an excellent 78 kills and only 53 deaths with an ACS of 265 against Envy.

ANDBOX, Sentinels, XSET, Immortals, Envy, Luminosity, NRG, and Gen.G qualified for the closed qualifier.

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Powerhouses TSM, 100 Thieves, T1, C9 Blue, and FaZe Clan will have to wait and retool their strategies if they want to push through the next open qualifier.

The closed qualifier will commence on Feb. 4.

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