How to know if Yoru is real or a clone in VALORANT with Fade

There is yet another way to tell which Yoru is real.

Image via Riot Games

There are more ways to distinguish a fake Yoru from a real one with Fade’s abilities. 

Fade is VALORANT’s latest Agent whose abilities are used to detect, attack and contain the enemy. Her Haunt ability can be thrown into a space and detect enemies in a purple outline. Meanwhile, her Prowler ability can latch onto enemies and blind them and her Seize ability can trade enemies within a circle. These abilities are a great way to hold enemies in one area or enter a site which makes her a powerful initiator. Now Fade can be used to detect whether or not a Yoru is real or fake. 

Yoru’s recent update changed some of his abilities and allowed him to create a clone of himself. This clone looks exactly like the actual player and can make it hard to distinguish between the two. If an enemy shoots at a clone Yoru, they will be flashed and left vulnerable to any further attacks. Alternatively, if a player does not shoot at the Yoru, it could end up being the actual player faking being a clone, which could result in a sneak attack. 

A VALORANT player uploaded a video showing off that Fade’s abilities do not interact with the Yoru clone. Fade’s Haunt ability won’t show the Yoru clone through walls, cannot be detected by her Prowlers and cannot be contained in the circle of her Seize ability.

As shown in the video, the Yoru clone walked across Ascent all while having Fade throw abilities at it and still go undetected. This discovery adds another loophole to Yoru’s clone ability that terrorized players everywhere.