How to find player ranks using a VALORANT rank checker

"The mystery revealed."

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT is one of the most competitive shooter games in the market. Soon after players grasp the ropes in the game, most will set on a journey to play their placement matches.

Completing the placement matches will assign players an official spot in VALORANT’s ranked system, and they’ll be able to improve their starting rank based on their performance. In the game’s ranked mode, you’ll get to play with and versus others who are from the same ranked tier as yourself.

There will be times when some players will stand out due to their exceptionally good or poor gameplay, which may make you wonder about their rank.

The easiest way to check another player’s rank will be by browsing their profile after adding them to your friends list but that may not work if the said player refuses your friend request.

How to check VALORANT players ranks

VALORANT fans can check player ranks through services like

  • Head over to VALORANT section of
  • Type in the username of the player who you’d like to check their rank, and press Enter.
  • Upon pressing enter, the search results for the player will appear, and you’ll be able to browse through their ranked VALORANT history. is similar to which provides stats for League of Legends players. Both services use Riot’s API to pull the necessary data which gets updated in real-time.