Horizon and Prism II skins dropping soon in VALORANT

You can view the skins now in-game.

Image via Riot Games

New VALORANT bundles are always being rolled out. And now, two new collections are available to view in the game client. 

Both the Prism II and Horizon are live in VALORANT’s Collection menu, but neither are live in the shop yet. 

Prism II is a variation on the original Prism Collection that was live during VALORANT’s closed beta. Instead of the deep blues and purples, players will now be able to grab a pink set with hints of orange, which covers most of the weapons that the original didn’t.

Likewise, the new Horizon bundle features imagery and colors representative of clouds taking on the hue of the rising sun. At certain points of each weapon, you can even see some clouds moving across the sky. 

At time of writing, there's no listed price for either bundle or a date for when they'll be made officially available. But the two new designs are likely going to drop once the Run It Back bundle is removed from the shop on Jan. 21.