Hiko shows how to get an early pick in VALORANT

The player never saw it coming.

Photo via DreamHack

Professional VALORANT player Hiko showed how to get an easy pick on Ascent by using Sage’s wall and Raze’s Blast Packs on stream today. 

Hiko and his team were gathered in B Lobby on Ascent preparing for their next attack when a teammate suggested a unique plan. The Sage player on Hiko’s team suggested using their wall as a platform for Hiko to use to get a pick on a player in A Short. The player put their wall on top of a small building in B Lobby, which was high enough to see into the middle part of the map. 

Hiko used Raze’s Blast Packs to boost himself on top of the building and on top of the wall. Hiko also purchased an Operator so he could get a better view and deal heavy damage to any unsuspecting players. 

Once the round began, an enemy player pushed A Short normally since there’s usually no risk for a few seconds at the beginning of a round. They didn’t expect Hiko to have a clear shot at them with an Operator, however, and it was an easy kill for the pro. 

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Various agents have abilities that allow them to get onto objects that aren’t normally accessible. The abilities are even more powerful when used together, such as Sage’s wall and Raze’s Blast Packs.

VALORANT players have already found dozens of spots that can be used to get an advantage on the enemy team. More will likely be discovered when the game’s ranked playlist is released.