Hiko reveals his most “comfortable” VALORANT agent, Raze

The somewhat controversial agent is also what Hiko feels he could impact games with.

Photo via DreamHack

100 Thieves’ VALORANT star Hiko said today on his stream that Raze is the agent he’s most comfortable with. 

His answer was prompted by a question from Jordan Fisher, who asked about Hiko’s choice of agent during a VALORANT session with Fisher and former Halo professional and Fortnite streamer Ninja. 

The answer might be viewed by some as a little cheeky since Raze is one of the most controversial VALORANT agents. She was released by Riot Games in the VALORANT closed beta and has seen a series of nerfs due to player feedback.

All of Raze’s abilities can deal damage, which some players pointed out runs counter to an earlier statement from Riot CEO Nicolo Laurent about abilities that can deal damage and, in some instances, outright kill. 

Since the outcry, Raze has seen nerfs to the amount of Paint Shells (cluster grenades) she can carry and how many kills it takes for them to refresh, as well as a price nerf and range reduction to her Blast Packs.

Beyond the nerfs, Raze is still an effective agent. While she’s nowhere near the most picked, Raze saw a 42-percent pick rate in the recent FaZe Invitational and enjoyed a 76-percent pick rate on Bind. 

She isn’t the terror that she once was, but that hasn’t stopped Raze from being lethal in the correct hands. And for Hiko, she’s far from the worst pick.