Hiko responds to TenZ stepping down from Cloud9’s VALORANT roster

Hiko understands the decision but warns TenZ to not stay away for too long.

Photo via DreamHack

Cloud9’s Tyson “TenZ” Ngo stepped down from the org’s VALORANT roster yesterday to pursue content creation, which was a big surprise to fans and players alike. 100 Thieves pro Hiko responded to the news today, saying he understands TenZ’s decision but hopes he doesn’t step away from competition for too long since it can negatively impact his career. 

Hiko explained on stream that TenZ is likely one of the best players in the world, mentioning that his mechanics and skills are ahead of most players. He also understands why TenZ would retire to focus on content creation, but he's worried that he'll fall behind if he stays away for too long. 

“If he stays retired for too long, it will be too hard for him to come back,” Hiko said. “The meta is going to change, and playing on a team is so much different than playing comp.”

VALORANT has continuously evolved with new agents and maps added in every Act or Episode. Pros must also adapt to agent changes since they're constantly adjusted in an effort to make them balanced. 

This constantly changing meta makes it hard for players to take breaks because the game can look significantly different when they come back. TenZ will likely continue to play VALORANT at a high level, but it's not the same as professional play. 

TenZ is considered one of the best VALORANT players in North America and was an essential part of the C9 roster. Despite his stellar individual performance, C9 has struggled to compete with other teams recently—and TenZ stepping away will likely further impact the team.