Hiko kills 6 players in a round in VALORANT solo queue

He can't be stopped.

Photo via DreamHack

Securing an ace in VALORANT is incredibly tricky, even for professional players. Most of the time, enemies will trade kills or overwhelm players. But every now and then, talent and a little bit of luck allow a team to get killed by a single player.

Professional VALORANT player Hiko managed to take his ace a step further by securing six kills instead of five earlier today.

Hiko was holding C Long on Haven as the enemy team attempted to take the site. He used Reyna’s Leer ability to blind and kill an enemy before retreating to cover. Hiko killed three more enemies before pushing into C Long to finish his ace. 

The enemy Sage revived an opposing player to attempt to even the odds, but this wasn’t enough to stop Hiko. The talented player killed the recently revived opponent and the enemy Sage to secure his six-kill round. 

Achieving six kills in a round can only be done if a Sage player revives one of their dead allies and if a player kills them both times. They must also kill the rest of the team, which is challenging and difficult on its own. Technically a player can also secure six kills if they kill Phoenix while his ultimate ability is activated, but killing a revived player is more satisfying. 

This isn’t the first time Hiko has achieved six kills in one round—and it likely won’t be his last. He recently killed six players with headshots despite being in a challenging situation and has no trouble performing in stressful scenarios.