Hiko discusses possibility of fundraiser to help Latin American Masters One champions LDM amid financial issues

Some goodwill toward the roster would go a long way.

Image via Riot Games

100 Thieves’ Spencer “Hiko” Martin recently discussed the possibility of there being a fundraiser to help out VALORANT Masters Latin America champions LDM amid some severe financial problems for the team.

“I want to try and help them,” Hiko said on his Twitch stream. “Maybe we can do some kind of a fundraiser on stream, maybe I’ll just do it privately… but I think it’s a good opportunity for the community to help the people in need.”

The LDM roster is facing severe financial issues stemming from an alleged lack of payment from their organization.

Because of this, the LDM players allegedly don’t even have access to PCs to play the game on. Due to this, they’ve had to drop out of Challengers One, severely hurting their professional dreams and their chances of making the first international LAN in Iceland.

The situation is tough and the players are understandably upset. It’d be a massive blow to the region if the LDM roster couldn’t find a new home or at least the independent financial backing to continue competing.

For now, they’re out of Challengers One. But with prominent community members like Hiko shedding light on their plight, there’s a chance someone could take a shot on them or help them in some way.

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