How to open the B teleporter on Bind from the exit with Sova’s Arrows in VALORANT

Don't get caught in a Bind.

Image via Riot Games

Teleporters in VALORANT are usually a one-way trip, but Sova’s expertise with his bow can help circumvent the problem.

One enterprising Sova player has figured out a consistent way to open the B teleporter on Bind from the exit. It’s a clever way to preemptively scope out the high-traffic area and to prevent your opponents from blindsiding you while your team is defending the bombsite.

The first step is to perch yourself on top of the boxes that are tucked away in a corner besides the exit of the teleporter. Once you jump up onto it, some precise measurements will need to take place.

Screengrab via Riot Games

The player lines up the left side of his HUD with an off-colored brick that juts out to the right.

Screengrab via Riot Games

When questioned on how to accomplish the trick while on non-native resolutions, the player offered up another tip. Their cursor placement can be seen to roughly align with the curvature of the middle leaf, with the bottom dot of the crosshair slightly covering a space in the leaf.

Screengrab via Riot Games

The center of your crosshairs should be above the topmost leaf of the middle tree, while the bottom should be slightly touching it.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Then, tap yourself forward and make sure that you don’t pan or tilt your character. You’ve walked the requisite distance when the topmost part of your reticle is barely brushing the top edge of the broken brick in the middle.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Then, set your arrow to bounce twice, jump, and fire the Bolt. If done correctly, the arrow should eventually bounce and find its way into the teleporter, opening up the exit and giving you a brief window to enter the chamber.

This VALORANT fan proceeded to use the trick rather consistently during matches. If your team is trying to make its way into the A bombsite, your opponents might try to flank you using the teleporter. But this strategist caught them completely unaware twice, with the opposing player barely registering the possibility that the enemy Sova had managed to enter the room from the other side.

Other commenters have also offered up possible uses of the trick, such as when your Spike gets stuck in the teleporter and your opponents are restricting your access to the entrance. This could certainly help save your round and potentially win a close game.

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The trick works with both Recon and Shock Bolts, so there’s additional utility present. If you know there’s somebody present in the teleporter and you want to give the awaiting player the shock of their lifetime, a Shock Bolt might snag you a sweet kill.