Here are the VALORANT Patch 5.0 notes

Patch 5.0 is adding new content across the board.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT Patch 5.0 is a significant update, introducing the new map Pearl, the departure of Split, a new competitive rank, and multiple bug fixes.

Patch 5.0 is bringing the new map Pearl, taking players to an underwater city complete with vibrant visuals and areas. Fans can enjoy the new map with a Pearl-only queue, featuring an unrated mode where players can learn the map without the pressures of a competitive match. The Pearl-only playlist will be available for two weeks before Pearl enters the competitive rotation. 

The introduction of Pearl also marks the exit of another map: Split. Split is temporarily being removed from the Unrated and Competitive queues and doesn’t have a set return date. The developers elaborated on the decision to remove Split from the rotation for now in a recent blog post, and it’ll likely return later with updates. 

Competitive players can also expect a new rank above Diamond and below Immortal called Ascendant. Riot Games believes many players in Bronze and Silver don’t deserve to be there, but moving players up would cause the Platinum and Diamond ranks to become overpopulated. The developers decided to add the new rank to better distribute players while maintaining the prestige of higher ranks. 

The MMR targets that determine ranks below Ascendant will be lowered while the ranked target for Immortal One to Three and Radiant has been moved up. Players below Ascendant can expect to move up due to the changes, but Immortal players and up will find it harder to reach their previous rank. The seasonal reset will also mean players might not see a rank increase at the start of the Episode, but the reset will be “less harsh.” 

The grouping restrictions for Ascendant are three ranks above or below, and the highest placement is now Ascendant One instead of Diamond One. The five-stack 25 percent RR penalty now starts at Immortal One instead of Diamond Three, and the solo and duo five-stack restriction also begins at Immortal One. 

The new Ascendant rank results in a slight change for Sage’s Tier Eight Agent Contract unlock, which was previously “Ascendant.” The title has been changed to Dauntless, which aligns more with Sage’s personality and theme. 

Patch 5.0 also addresses multiple bugs and glitches, and a full breakdown of the changes can be found in the official patch notes. Patch 5.0 will launch alongside Episode Five, Dimension, on June 22.