Here are the VALORANT Patch 2.11 notes

Replication is back and fans can enjoy slightly increased frame rate.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT Patch 2.11 is slightly smaller than previous updates but it’s still bringing performance and game system updates, addressing bugs, and adding Replication back to the game

Competitive players can use the new Leaderboard search bar to help find players by name, making it easier to find the stats and information you’re looking for. 

Replication is back in VALORANT as the active game mode in the rotating mode slot, replacing Escalation for the time being. Fans of the mode should enjoy it while it’s in the game since it will eventually be replaced with another game mode. 

Riot Games also improved the frame rate for players with mid to high-level machines by “optimizing abilities, equipment, and weapons in the inventory.” This is excellent news since a higher frame rate can make the difference in essential rounds and crucial gunfights. Agent and Environment mesh clipping calculations were also optimized, further improving gameplay.

Patch 2.11 introduces various game system updates, like improved fonts for regional languages to improve readability and an updated ping and radio wheel that ignores no-movement inputs while they’re displayed. A bug preventing Reyna from rebuying the Dismiss ability after selling it during the buy phase has been fixed too.

Several Leaderboard UI bugs were also fixed in the latest patch and the infinite load symbol bug that would sometimes occur when looking at a friend’s career was resolved. 

Players can find the official patch notes on the VALORANT website.

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