Guild Esports receive forfeit loss in VALORANT First Strike Qualifiers for using exploit

This is the first time in VALORANT history a team has received a forfeit loss.

Image via Riot Games

Guild Esports received a forfeit loss in the VALORANT First Strike: Europe playoffs today after the team used an exploit in its match against G2 Esports. G2 took the place of Guild in its match this afternoon, and Guild will be allowed to play in the Qualifiers next week. 

During the qualifiers match, Guild reportedly used an “illegal boost” on Ascent by using Sage’s wall on B site. This spot allows players to see B hall and allows defenders to easily kill enemies before they reach the site. 

Riot Games released an official announcement stating exploits are prohibited from professional competition, and Guild have received a forfeit loss as a result. G2 took Guild’s place this afternoon in its match against NiP. G2 won the game and have secured their spot in the First Strike event. 

This is the first time in VALORANT esports history that a team has received a significant disqualification. But G2 have also been called out for reportedly using the Elderflame Vandal skin despite it being disabled because of a bug. G2 have not received an official punishment for this, and it is unclear there will be further repercussions. 

The boost spot has been in VALORANT for a few months. Guild will still be able to fight for a spot in the First Strike tournament but will be unable to use the boost again.