Gen.G sweep first-seed Sentinels in VALORANT First Strike qualifiers

The eighth-seed team moves on to tomorrow's semifinals.

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It seems Sentinels will have to test their luck in the next First Strike qualifiers.

Gen.G handily defeat the first-seed Sentinels in today’s quarterfinal match, 2-0, and will move on to the semifinals. The loss eliminates the star-studded Sentinels from the tournament, relegating them to try again in the UMG qualifiers.

For Gen.G, their previous victories against teams like Serenity and XSET were impressive. But the true test came from taking on VALORANT‘s Goliath—and they passed. The eighth-seed team came out aggressive and clean, using coordinated team play to capitalize on Sentinels’ errors.

Sentinels had the early lead in the second map, winning the pistol and eco rounds. But once Gen.G got the ball rolling, they never looked back. In a crucial eighth-round, Danny Huynh stared a rocket down with his Operator and came out of it unscathed and with a kill.

As Sentinels’ Jay “sinatraa” Won tried to entry Split’s B heaven with his Showstopper, HUYNH landed a beautiful Operator flick before dashing away. The Jett player would claim another two lives in the round, finishing the match with a team-high 18 (tied with Keven “PLAYER1” Champagne).

Sentinels fans will be disappointed with the team’s showing, with even Shahzeb “ShahZaM” Khan labeling it a “sloppy day.” And star sinatraa, who absolutely dominated in the Pop Flash Ignition Series, went 14/16/2 on the first map and 13/17/4 in the second one.

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Gen.G will play Envy in tomorrow’s semifinals. Today’s quarterfinals will be wrapped up with TSM going against 100 Thieves, and Cloud9 Blue versing The Slimy Boogermen.

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