Sinatraa fuels Sentinels to sweep Envy in Pop Flash VALORANT grand finals

Sentinels are $25,000 richer.

Image via Sentinels

If there was ever a question of who the best North American VALORANT team is, Sentinels may have just answered it.

Sentinels effortlessly defeated Envy in the Pop Flash Ignition Series grand finals today, 3-0. Former Overwatch star Jay “sinatraa” Won’s stellar performance helped lead his team to a quick victory, potentially cementing Sentinels as the most dominant NA team.

In a relatively close first match on Haven, Sentinels grabbed the early lead. Sinatraa had a particularly impressive Ace in the 12th round, using Sova’s Hunter’s Fury to nab a double kill. In a one-vs-one situation, sinatraa jiggle peeked Anthony “mummAy” DiPaolo and headshot his target for the clutch. Sentinels would go on to win the first map 13-9.

Bind started off similarly for Envy, who fell 11-2 in the first half. While the underdogs put in a good second-half effort, Envy eventually lost map two, 13-7. Sinatraa followed up his match-one ace with a clean four K, clutching the round on Phoenix.

Envy performed well on Split throughout Pop Flash—and game three was no different. But Sentinels would keep the momentum going and put the final nail in the coffin, beating Envy 13-8.

Shahzeb “ShahZaM” Khan had a beautiful collateral Op shot in the sixth round, taking out two. The Jett player would follow the double kill up with a blind Op shot through the smoke to land a third frag and help Sentinels win the round.

While the finals may have been disappointing for Envy, the team managed an impressive climb from Group B’s lower bracket to the playoffs. The seventh-seed team took out T1, Immortals, and Cloud9 on their way to the finals. Sentinels would unfortunately be Envy’s kryptonite, beating them twice throughout the competition.

Sinatraa finished the grand finals with 59 kills, followed by ShahZam’s 50 frags.

Sentinels claim a first-place prize of $25,000, with Envy earning $12,500. Cloud9 gets $7,500 for finishing in third place, and Dignitas rounds up the top four with $5,000 in earnings.