G2 Lothar highlights glitch allowing players to destroy Sage’s wall by walking into it

Hopefully, this bug can't be replicated consistently.

Image via Riot Games

Popular VALORANT streamer and caster G2 Lothar highlighted a bug earlier today that allows players to destroy Sage’s wall by walking into it and without using a weapon.

Sage’s wall is an excellent way to protect your team or cut off an entrance to stop an enemy advance or push. The wall takes several shots to destroy, buying precious time for your team or stalling enough to ruin the enemy team’s plan. But a new bug allows enemies to destroy the wall almost instantly, negating its effects. 

G2 Lothar posted a short clip of a new exploit original discovered by FORHONOR that destroys the wall when players walk into it, which isn’t normally possible. It’s unclear how the bug works, though, since Lothar has been unable to replicate it consistently.

Another player posted a clip of them unintentionally destroying the wall by jumping into it, although they hit the wall from a different angle and direction. If players figure out how to replicate the bug consistently, it could become a significant issue.

Patch 3.08 introduced other significant bugs to Jett, causing her weapons to pull out slower after dashing and increasing the price of her Updraft ability. Other players have reported a bug preventing them from selling their abilities in the buy menu. It’s unclear if the Sage wall bug was also introduced in the latest update, but many people likely hope players won’t figure out how to abuse it before it’s patched.

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