G2 eliminate FPX from VCT Stage 3 Challengers One main event

Both teams secured their spot in the EMEA Challengers Finals.

Image via Riot Games

G2 Esports beat FunPlus Phoenix 2-1 today in round three of the lower bracket in the VALORANT Champions Tour Europe Stage Three Challengers One main event. G2 sent FPX home, but both teams earned their spot in the EMEA Challengers Finals.

FPX started the Challengers One main event with a win against G2. They lost against Acend in the upper semifinals, though, which dropped them to the lower bracket. FPX managed to beat Team Liquid, one of the two teams that represented Europe at Masters Two Reykjavik, to secure their spot in the EMEA finals. This also brought them face to face with G2 again, who were looking for revenge. 

After dropping down to the lower bracket, G2 played Rix.GG Thunder and easily beat them 2-0. Their second match was against Fnatic, the other European team that made it to Iceland and faced Sentinels in the grand finals. Fnatic also failed to win a match and G2 continued their dominance in the lower bracket, earning another chance to play FPX.

G2 started this series with an impressive 13-11 win on Bind, where nukkye managed to secure an ace in a one-vs-four situation in the tenth round. Nukkye led his team with 27 kills, which G2’s Shao almost matched with 26 kills. 

Map two, Icebox, went into overtime after G2 stayed alive by winning the five last rounds. FPX weren’t ready for a 2-0 sweep and won overtime to force the series to map three. But FPX couldn’t maintain their momentum on map three and lost 13-6 on Haven. 

FPX are out of the tournament, but both teams are qualified for the EMEA Challengers playoffs. G2 will next face Guild Esports in the lower final tomorrow at 8am CT. 

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