G2 drops Davidp from its VALORANT roster

The team will begin looking for a more versatile player.

Image via Riot Games

G2 Esports has been one of the most prominent names in European VALORANT since the game launched. But even after so many successful runs at various tournaments, the team has decided to shake up its roster. 

Just over a week after finishing third in the First Strike Europe tournament, G2 has decided to move David “Davidp” Prins to its inactive roster, the organization announced today.

Davidp initially joined the team as a stand-in at the Vitality European Open and WePlay! Invitational before signing with G2 in July. Since then, the team came in first at every main event they competed in prior to First Strike, where they lost to Team Heretics in the semifinals. 

Following the team’s first real loss of the season, G2 evaluated its options and decided that it needed to make a move “to deepen [its] flexibility moving forward.” 

“David completed our roster a few months ago and we have seen incredible success together,” G2’s team manager Maik “MaikTurtle” Löffler said. “It has been an emotional few months and we are super thankful for the time with David, but as a team, we came to the conclusion to search for additional options and let him explore as well.”

Davidp is still under contract with the organization but is now free to explore other options while G2 begins looking for a player to fill his role heading into 2021. 

Davidp said he understood why the team needed to make a move to improve, even if it means he has to look for a new squad. 

“I had a great time with the team,” Davidp said. “We won all of the Ignition Series in Europe (7/7) and I’ll never forget that. I’ll always remember the victorious and crazy moments that we shared together. Sometimes you have to say goodbye to people you like. That’s life, you can’t do anything about it.” 

He also said the team will be trying to replace him with a true in-game leader to call the shots. That was a major need for G2, according to Davidp. Even when he tried to fill that role, he said he couldn’t play all the agents to suit the team.

With his experience playing for one of the best EU teams and trying to fill a role he wasn’t ready for and still performing well, Davidp is confident that he’ll bounce back in 2021. 

“I truly believe that I am one of the best players on VALORANT,” Davidp said. “I invented the battle Sage, I mastered Breach in an excellent way, and I can tell you that I will practice every agent of the game to be a very flexible player. I am confident in my abilities and in the experience that I have gained for the future.”