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The era of Premier has officially begun now in VALORANT, with the first official season kicking off on Aug. 29 with the launch of Episode Seven, Act Two.

During the enrollment periods, prospective players can spend the time finding teammates and enrolling their teams, based on average skill ranking and closest regional zones. Teams play weekly matches on pre-selected maps, with the season concluding with a tournament to crown a winner of each skill division.

At team creation, players can designate a team’s name, tag, logo, and color scheme. For players to compete in Premier, they must verify their account via SMS authentication, the account must be in good standing, and they must have completed ranked placements at least once during the account’s lifetime.

Of course, when finding teammates, you’ll need to make sure the players you sign up with are free to compete during the appropriate time. The exact queue windows will be different by zone, but here’s the full schedule of matches for the current Premier season.

VALORANT Premier Launch Stage match schedule

Season one of VALORANT Premier, also known as Launch Stage, begins on Aug. 29, 2023 with the enrollment phase lasting until Sept. 7, 2023. Matches take place on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday of each week for seven weeks, running through the entire competitive map pool, concluding with playoffs on Sunday, Oct. 22.

Teams will earn 100 points for a win, 25 for a loss, and no points if they do not play. Teams with at least 775 points will qualify for the tournament at the end of the season. Up to two matches are played per week for each team.

Queue windows for each match day are dependent on the region zone you are competing in. Please check your Premier page in-game for exact match times.

Week one: Haven

  • Thursday, Sept. 7
  • Saturday, Sept. 9
  • Sunday, Sept. 10

Week two: Breeze

  • Thursday, Sept. 14
  • Saturday, Sept. 16
  • Sunday, Sept. 17

Week three: Lotus

  • Thursday, Sept. 21
  • Saturday, Sept. 23
  • Sunday, Sept. 24

Week four: Bind

  • Thursday, Sept. 28
  • Saturday, Sept. 30
  • Sunday, Oct. 1

Week five: Ascent

  • Thursday, Oct. 5
  • Saturday, Oct. 7
  • Sunday, Oct. 8

Week six: Split

  • Thursday, Oct. 12
  • Saturday, Oct. 14
  • Sunday, Oct. 15

Week seven: Sunset

  • Thursday, Oct. 19
  • Saturday, Oct. 21

Playoff Tournament

  • Sunday, Oct. 22

For the VALORANT Premier Playoff Tournament, teams will use a pick-and-ban system. Teams will take turns banning maps until a map is chosen.

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