VALORANT Episode 7 artwork with Deadlock, Brimstone, Reyna, and Gekko.
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Fresh VALORANT teaser could be a hint at new duelist agent’s abilities

Time to come up with more theories.

Riot Games already confirmed that the last agent joining VALORANT this year will be a duelist. The developers keep teasing us and this time around they left an easter egg in the game itself.

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In a Twitter video shared on Oct. 3, a player found a purple portal related to the new agent located on Sunset close to the defender’s spawn. After emitting smoke and electricity for 20 seconds the portal closed and disappeared from the map.

The portal is the same as the agent’s battle pass card, Bulletproof, and is likely related to the new agent’s ultimate. Much like we’ve seen the card with the cocoon for Deadlock’s ult a few months ago.

Fans quickly jumped onto theorizing what this ability can do. One of the most common ideas is that the new agent will teleport similar to Yoru or Omen on top of being able to become bulletproof. Another teleporting agent does sound obnoxious to play against and EG Ethan already responded to the post with “pls no more teleporting” written six times.

But we shouldn’t forget that Riot said the agent will bring a “little twist you never thought would make it into VALORANT,” and simply teleporting doesn’t fit the bill.

Some noted that the portal looked similar to Phoenix’s active ult. Maybe the new agent will enter the bulletproof state and use this portal as an anchor when the state ends or after they take damage. It can also be a source of the bulletproof state (or damage reduction) and stay there until it’s destroyed by the enemy team.

The best comparison with other games would be Revenant’s old totem from Apex Legends. You place it and after you and your teammates take lethal damage you are teleported to the totem. However, this does sound pretty much like Phoenix’s ultimate.

If this is indeed a teleport I just hope it won’t break the meta like Chamber did before his nerfs. Everything I mentioned was likely related to the new duelist’s ultimate only. That leaves three more abilities and I am sweating.

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