Fnatic teases possible entrance into the EU VALORANT scene

Who will the org pick up?

Image via Fnatic

Fnatic might be joining the European VALORANT scene, according to a series of hints posted by the org on social media.

Fnatic’s first tweet is merely an announcement that it will enter the VALORANT scene, while the second is where the EU portion comes into play.

The EU scene in VALORANT is ripe with excellent teams that don’t have formal representation. The first that comes to mind is SUMN FC, who finished second in EU’s First Strike tournament. Ex-Prodigy and Purple Cobras are also available.

The first VCT Open Qualifier is right around the corner for the EU region as well. The official start date for the first installment is Friday, Feb. 5.

VALORANT’s Champions Tour is easy to decipher. Teams that fight their way through open qualifiers qualify for the closed qualifiers and performance in the closed qualifiers earns teams a spot in VALORANT Masters events.

Masters events are regional for now, similar to Majors in other esports. Masters will be held in three months: March, June, and September. After the Masters events, there will be a “last-chance qualifier” for Champions, the premiere VALORANT tournament in December. The VALORANT Champions event will feature international competition and will crown a global champion.

The event is structured to allow grassroots support from TOs at the Challengers level and for teams without representation to have a shot at the prize.

It’s unsurprising that an organization of Fnatic’s stature wants to get in on the VALORANT craze. The organization is set to announce its team tomorrow, Feb. 3.

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Hunter Cooke
Investigative Unit. Rainbow Six Siege, VALORANT.