Everything we know about Cypher, VALORANT’s counter-flanking agent

Cypher is always watching.

Image via Riot Games

Cypher already looks quite strong in VALORANT. All of his abilities aim to discover the enemies’ locations. You can’t hide when Cypher is on the enemy team.

Nothing was revealed about his lore, except that he’s a Moroccan agent. His abilities offer him several traps that reveal players and an ultimate similar to Caveira’s interrogation from Rainbow Six Siege. He’s definitely a major asset to protect your team from flanks.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Here’s everything we know about Cypher.



Place an invisible trapwire between two walls. Enemies can destroy it if they see the warning sign when they get close to it. When the enemy triggers the trap, he has several seconds to destroy it before it takes full effect and blurs his vision, making him vulnerable. Cypher can buy up to two trapwires each round.

Cyber Cage

This cage has the same purpose as a smoke. It’s a remote activation trap that creates a cage that slows enemies who pass through it while hiding the allies behind it. But players can see inside the cage from above.

Signature ability: Spycam

This ability doesn’t need to be bought but it has a cooldown. Cypher sticks a camera somewhere to reveal enemies, similar to Rainbow Six‘s Valkyrie. When he looks in his camera, it becomes more noticeable to enemies, who can shoot it down.

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Ultimate: Neural Theft

This ability will remind Rainbow Six Siege players of Caveira’s interrogation. Cypher can extract information from the corpse of an enemy. After a short cast delay, it reveals the position of every remaining enemy at one precise moment. With coordinated teammates, you can wipe the entire enemy team. Cypher is vulnerable when he activates his ultimate, however, so he has to be covered while doing so.

Cypher is the only agent in the game who uses revealing abilities aside from Sova, who has one revealing ability. He might be a must-pick agent in closed beta games and has the advantage of being able to be played at a high level by amateur FPS players.