Entropiq’s VALORANT team parts ways with VlaDeDe

Entropiq is making changes following a close qualifier loss.

Image via Riot Games

Entropiq’s VALORANT squad has elected to say goodbye to Romain “VlaDeDe” Mieudonnet, the organization announced today.

“Today we bid farewell to @VlaDeDe from our Valorant team,” Entropiq said. “In the name of the whole Entropiq we wish you only the best in your personal and gaming life. We will officially introduce the newest addition soon.”

Entropiq failed to qualify for VALORANT Masters One. They fought their way through Animel and Chakalaka before falling to Guild Esports in the round-of-eight in the open qualifier. Their loss to Guild was narrow, with both maps going to double-digit rounds for each side (13-11 on Haven and 13-10 on Ascent).

Entropiq is the current home of Timo “Taimou” Kettunen and Damien “HyP” Souville, who played in the Overwatch League for the Dallas Fuel and the Paris Eternal, respectively. In pre-Overwatch League competition, Taimou was a star for Team Envy, one of the best Western teams in Overwatch competition.

The EU scene is wide open right now in VALORANT. Powerhouses like Fnatic and Team Liquid failed to qualify for EU Masters One, leaving many unproven teams to battle on the current biggest stage in the esport. Many fans will be curious to see if EU teams with stars from other esports, like Fnatic, Liquid, and Entropiq, can pull themselves together or if the open bracket, lesser-known squads will continue to beat out the entrenched rosters.

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