Damage stats for all weapons in VALORANT

Learn the stats behind the guns.

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VALORANT is a character-based tactical shooter that borrows heavily from games like Counter-Strike and Overwatch. But while abilities are a major factor in the game, guns are more important.

Understanding which gun to buy in VALORANT and when to buy it has huge implications on your gameplay.

There’s a total of 17 guns available to use in VALORANT’s closed beta, each with their own individual strength and set of stats. There are sidearms, SMGs, shotguns, rifles, snipers, and heavy guns.

Here’s a weapon stats chart to help you learn about all the guns in VALORANT.


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Sidearms are generally reserved for eco rounds, but they can deal a considerable amount of damage in certain situations. The Ghost and Sheriff are the two strongest sidearms and can each inflict over 100 damage with a headshot.

GunCostStats (penetration)HeadBodyLegs and armsDropoff distance
ClassicFree6.75/2.22 (low)78/6626/2222/1830m
Shorty2003.3 (low)36/24/92/8/312/8/39-15m
Frenzy40010 (low)78/6326/2122/1720m
Ghost5006.75 (medium)105/8830/2526/2130m
Sheriff8004 (high)160/14555/5047/4330m


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Submachine guns are a cheap alternative to rifles. They can be bought immediately after a pistol round or on a force buy. The Spectre, in particular, does a good amount of damage. At close range, it can easily take out opponents.

GunCostStats (penetration)HeadBodyLegs and armsDropoff distance
Stinger100018/4 (low)67/6227/2523/2120m
Spectre160013.33 (medium)78/6626/2222/1820m


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Shotguns are typically used in a force buy scenario when things are looking bleak. At close range, they deal deadly damage. The Judge can mow down several enemies. At long range, though, they leave much to be desired.

GunCostStats (penetration)HeadBodyLegs and armsDropoff distance
Bucky9001.1 (low)44/34/1822/17/919/14/88-12m
Judge15003.5 (medium)34/26/2017/13/914/11/910-15m


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Rifles are generally considered the best guns in the game. The Bulldog, Guardian, Phantom, and Vandal can each take out an enemy with just a shot or two. The Phantom and Vandal, though, stand out in terms of damage and consistency.

GunCostStats (penetration)HeadBodyLegs and armsDropoff distance
Bulldog21009.15/4 (medium)1163530N/A
Guardian27006.5 (medium)1956549N/A
Phantom290011/9.9 (medium)156/140/12439/30/2633/30/2615-30m
Vandal29009.25/8.32 (medium)1563933N/A


Snipers can inflict the most damage in the game. The Operator is a powerful gun and should never be underestimated at long range. It’s expensive, though, and can be a risky buy.

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GunCostStats (penetration)HeadBodyLegs and armsDropoff distance
Marshal11001.5/1.2 (medium)20210185N/A
Operator45000.75/0.75 (high)25550127N/A


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Heavy guns are bullet hoses. They take some time to ramp up, but once they get going, they have the potential to kill multiple enemies. They’re not accurate but their large ammo clips mean they don’t have to be.

GunCostStats (penetration)HeadBodyLegs and armsDropoff distance
Ares170010/13 (high)72/6730/2825/2330m
Odin320012/15.6 (high)95/775032/2630m