Cypher dominates agent pick rates again in Pittsburgh Knights VALORANT Invitational

The intel-gathering master once again was pro players' favorite.

Image via Riot Games

Cypher once again dominated the agent pick rates in the Pittsburgh Knights VALORANT Invitational Gauntlet Series that culminated on Aug. 16. He was also the most-picked agent in the FaZe Invitational, which was held earlier this month. 

Cypher was picked a staggering 95 percent of the time during the Knights Invitational tournament, according to, an increase from his 92-percent pick rate during the FaZe Invitational. 

The top five for the Knights Invitational was rounded out by Sova at 74 percent, Omen at 72 percent, Jett at 65 percent, and Sage at 58 percent. 

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Cypher has been a must-pick agent for some time and it’s hard to see that changing with his current kit. He can hold flanks without being physically present, gather intelligence on enemies, and block some lines of sight with his Cyber Cage. Sova, the second most-picked agent, also relies on intelligence gathering. 

Jett’s maneuverability provides escape routes for Opers and Sage’s healing and resurrection potential doesn’t need an explanation for her high pick rates. Ninja also tweeted last night that he thinks Jett is the most overpowered agent in VALORANT “at a high level.” 

Phoenix’s pick rate rose slightly, while Raze and Brimstone’s continue to decline. 

The competitive VALORANT scene has a heavy focus on intel gathering in terms of agent quality, with maneuverability coming in a close second. Both Omen and Jett have some form of mobility in their kits. The flashbang agents—Phoenix, Breach, and Reyna—continue to see meager pick rates as teams opt for smokes to counter how devastating high-level Operator players can be. 

Overall, the meta in terms of agent selection doesn’t appear to have changed much. That might be a different story once Killjoy gains more presence. But until then, Cypher is the king of early-stage professional VALORANT