Cloud9 Blue’s Relyks snags beautiful ace in first-map win over TSM in VALORANT First Strike qualifier

C9 is one win away from the grand finals.

Image via Cloud9

Cloud9 Blue’s Skyler “Relyks” Weaver landed a clutch ace on TSM in the VALORANT First Strike qualifier semifinals today, helping his team secure their first win of the series.

The eighth-round five K was crucial in helping C9 win an important round while attacking, especially on a defense-friendly Ascent.

C9 quickly stormed Ascent’s A site, rushing the point to plant the spike in a favorable four-vs-three scenario. But Tyson “TenZ” Ngo got taken out by TSM’s Matthew “WARDELL” Yu to even the score.

TSM then made an aggressive play to retake site, taking out all of Relyks’ allies in quick succession. The Raze player landed a quick headshot to get his third kill, but still needed to take out two more players.

With the spike indicating it’s going to blow soon, TSM made the smart play of having one player defuse will the other covers. But Relyks was wise to the plan, peeking out from the back of Boat House to pick off Taylor “drone” Johnson, headshot WARDELL, and win the round.

Relyks would finish the match with 20 kills, second to TenZ’s 23. C9 won Ascent 13-6, and are one win away from the grand finals. But TSM can still make the comeback with two victories in a row.