Cloud9 Mitch pulls off impressive 4K with Chamber

Don't overlook Chamber.

Image via Riot Games

Cloud9’s Mitch showed how effective Chamber can be by eliminating four VALORANT players and almost singlehandedly holding a site. 

Chamber is one of the newest agents in VALORANT and blurs the line between sentinel and duelist. His kit allows him to hold areas with ease, but not in the traditional way of other sentinel agents. Instead, Chamber is equipped with two weapon-based abilities that can help players outgun their enemies, which can be deadly in the right hands. 

Cloud9’s Mitch showed off how deadly Chamber can be in their match against NRG Esports in the Knights VALORAMPAGE Grand Final. Cloud9 dominated NRG on Icebox to start the series, but NRG answered back with a close 14-12 win on Bind. NRG looked like they would close out the series in map three, Breeze, finishing the first half with a 9-3 scoreline. But the 9-3 curse struck again and Mitch started his team’s redemption arc with a dominant performance in round 13. 

NRG attempted to push into B Site, but Mitch was prepared. He killed one enemy before teleporting to safety and re-engaging with the Classic. Mitch killed two more enemies attempting to take the site before switching back to Chamber’s Headhunter. A fourth player jump-peaked Mitch, but he swiftly killed them with a well-placed headshot. His teammate cleaned up the final kill and C9 set the pace for the remainder of the match, ultimately resulting in a 13-9 victory in their favor.