Chamber’s Headhunter ability has pinpoint accuracy while moving, crouching, and ADSing in VALORANT

This isn't gamebreaking, but don't be surprised if a moving Chamber lands a headshot.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player discovered that Chamber still has perfect accuracy with his Headhunter ability while moving and crouching, which is not possible with any other weapon. 

Accuracy in VALORANT is a crucial element in determining whether your shots connect with enemies. The slightest movement can result in missed shots, meaning players must find a balance between moving and shooting. However, this rule doesn’t apply to Chamber’s Headhunter ability while crouching. 

VALORANT player Perplexed Dog posted a clip in the Shooting Range showing how Chamber’s Headhunter ability has perfect accuracy while crouching, moving, and aiming down sights. They hit multiple shots on dummies with little issue, making it clear that players can move around while crouching without suffering an accuracy penalty. 

Almost all weapons in VALORANT have an accuracy penalty while moving, including while crouching. This is an outlier situation that might make a few players nervous. While this might seem like a broken or overpowered mechanic, it’s tough to use in an actual match. Crouching and aiming down sights leaves you exposed and makes it tough to counter strafe against enemies. Most players don’t move around while crouching because of the downsides, and you’ll almost always be a vulnerable target to enemies. 

If you ever find yourself crouching with Chamber’s Headhunter ability, though, remember you can move around and still hit shots if needed. Just don’t crouch and walk around the entire map if you want to stay alive.