Chamber accuracy bug concerns players before agent’s official launch

Hit registration problems arise for Chamber in the PBE server.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT’s upcoming French sentinel Chamber seems to have a bug with his Headhunter ultimate ability, making it look like the weapon has perfect accuracy. A Reddit user noticed the bug while practicing with the agent in the training range and compared the recoil and accuracy between Chamber’s heavy pistol and a Sheriff.

The Headhunter ability lets Chamber use a heavy pistol similar to the Sheriff. Players need to purchase the bullets for Chamber’s special gun to use it. While the weapon doesn’t have any damage falloff and little recoil, the visual bug makes it look like the weapon has no recoil at all. This can be deceiving and make players miss their target, even if the shots appear to be lined up correctly.

Content creator Ethos came across the bug while testing the agent’s ultimate ability. After realizing the bug, he switched his scope settings from Toggle to Hold to resolve the inaccuracy problem. He also used the pistol to prove the weapon has a slight spread, which contradicts the seemingly perfect accuracy from the visual effects from shooting at targets. In addition, the accuracy of Chamber’s pistol goes down significantly after the third shot.

The agent is not out on public servers yet, and players can only play him on the North American PBE server. However, with the few days left for his launch, fans are concerned the agent may still not be up to the standards Riot Games intended for its agents.

Riot already delayed the agent’s launch since the agent wasn’t up to its quality standards. Players have previously reported issues with the hit registration, which encouraged the developers to make a “state of hit registration” piece. The post discusses the game’s mechanics at length. With the issue present in the PBE server, the developers might already be working on a fix to resolve the issue before Chamber arrives on VALORANT‘s live servers on Nov. 16.

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