Celebrate VALORANT’s one-year anniversary with limited-edition player cards and a free event pass

Happy birthday.

Image via Riot Games

Riot is commemorating one year of VALORANT by offering players free loot.

With VALORANT officially turning one year old, Riot unveiled a slew of YR1 events today that are right around the corner. And players can expect tons of new content, including a free limited-edition YR1 player card set and a complimentary event pass.

Image via Riot Games

The player card set celebrates Episodes One, Two, and Three, and they’re each redeemable in separate ways. To claim the Episode One card, players need to redeem it on VALORANT‘s redemption page using the code YR1 on June 9. The Episode Two card will be available through a Prime Gaming Drop on June 14. And players can collect the final Episode Three card through the free YR1 event pass.

The YR1 event pass kicks off on June 22 and lasts until July 6, offering seven levels of exclusive items. While the battle pass is typically a $10 charge, players don’t have to spend any VP to progress through this pass. Fans can simply play the game, grind XP, and unlock cosmetics, like the Episode Three player card and a gun buddy.

Image via Riot Games

There will also be a community battle pass that will be unique to each region, with players able to vote for unique cosmetics. These sprays, gun buddies, and titles will reflect the local region. The cosmetics that get the top votes will appear in an Episode Four “community-powered” battle pass. Voting for this pass will be run locally, so the date for each respective region should be revealed soon.

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