Best agents to play with Fade in VALORANT

Become a nightmare for your enemies.

Screengrab via Riot Games

With Fade finally joining the growing roster of agents in VALORANT, players are already trying to create the perfect team composition to complement her diverse set of skills. As the game’s newest initiator and recon specialist, the shadows are under her complete control as she helps hunt down enemies, lock them down, and eliminate them.

She also represents another great way to set up traps with her fellow agents, whether it’s setting up destructive ability wombo combos or creating pinpoint opportunities for her team to blast away any unsuspecting enemies.

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Here are some of the best agents to pair up with Fade as you try to use the power of fear to climb the ranks.


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Brimstone is a perfect pick to pair with Fade since their skill sets complement each other on both the attacking and defending side of the battle. Fade can easily scout out and identify enemies with both her Haunt and Prowler abilities, which can be paired up well with Brimstone’s Sky Smokes. If the Haunt spots out an enemy, Fade’s teammates can easily pick off anyone peeking a smoked-off angle.

Additionally, Brimstone can launch both his incendiary grenade or his ultimate, Orbital Strike, in conjunction with Fade’s Seize ability. Seize tethers enemy agents to a specific point on the map and can only be escaped with abilities. If an agent without mobility abilities is caught, they are trapped in the tether range. Brimstone can then throw his molly or ult on top of the tether, eliminating anyone trapped within.


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Speaking of ability combos, Killjoy is a great pair with Fade for locking down and defending a site together. By linking Killjoy’s Nanoswarm grenades with Fade’s Seize ability, players can take out enemies with ease without even having to fire a single bullet by trapping them inside the grenade’s damage radius.

Additionally, both characters can pair up crowd control effects by combining Fade’s Prowler on top of her Alarmbot, while also suppressing enemies with her turret to stuff any approaching push from an attacking team.

On attack, they can force the enemy team into a chokehold by combining Fade’s ultimate with Killjoy’s ultimate. Killjoy’s ultimate will force the enemy team to run away from the effective zone, while Fade can cover the areas that aren’t in the lockdown circle. As a result, you either force your opponents to fall farther back than they might have wanted to or make them run right into your own team as you take them out.


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With both Sova and Fade on your team, you guarantee that you’ll have all the information you need to identify and eliminate your targets. Fade was originally created to become a pick competitor to Sova in terms of recon, but who is stopping players from picking both to have the best of both worlds with close-range and long-range intel acquisition?

These two hunters are great choices to pair up since they can split up the defensive scouting duties while protecting separate areas of a map while spreading out and timing their own vision abilities during the attacking phase to try to execute a site take. Fade’s own vision-based x-ray ability can also allow Sova to hit some guaranteed shots with his ultimate, Hunter’s Fury.


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With two destructive and frightening ultimates at their disposal, Breach and Fade can disrupt and crack open any defense with an opening barrage of crowd control. Both Breach and Fade can use their massive area-of-effect ultimates to daze and concuss enemies, as well as deafen and decay them while giving your allies a trail to track.

Another deadly combo can be Breach’s multiple flashes on top of Fade’s Haunt ability since enemy players will need to turn away from the flash but won’t be able to shoot the orb that reveals their location. If timed correctly, players must completely hide away from view to avoid both the stun and the detection from the Haunt orb.


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Evoke true fear into your enemies with two of the scariest agents in the game on one team. Use Omen’s shadows to confuse the opposition on a site, throw out Fade’s Haunt orb to locate them, and lock down any players with a mix of Omen’s blind and Fade’s concussing Prowler ability.

Both characters can lie in wait in the shadows for an attack or while defending, looking for their perfect moment to strike from the cover of smoke and destress. Once they execute their plan, Fade finds where the enemy is cowering while Omen hunts them down and takes them out.