14-year-old VALORANT prodigy becomes top-ranked player in the world

Somebody sign this kid!

Image via Riot Games

The best gamers seem to be getting younger and younger every day, and this new prodigy is certainly living up to that expectation—they’ve just made their way to the very top of the VALORANT ranked ladder. One 14-year-old has surpassed every single player, and since he’s so young, there’s only room to grow.

Darxcioo might be the next big VALORANT player, and he’s only just made it to high school. Darxcioo shared he reached “top one” on Jan. 26, and it looks like he’s only getting started. The youngster also claims he made his way all the way to Radiant at age 11.

“14 years old, Top 1 World VALORANT let’s gooo,” the wunderkind wrote.

While VALORANT doesn’t allow players to view a global ranking, third-party websites like Tracker.gg showcase leaderboard ranks across each country. Darxcioo’s sitting pretty at the top with a 1,017 ranking, above players like F0rsakeN, who sports a 995 rating.

He’s atop the leaderboard with 99 wins this VALORANT Act. The youngster has mainly been loading up Raze, Jett, and Killjoy as the main stars in his agent selection. He’s won 15 out of the last 20 games and sports a 1.09 K/D ratio alongside his 53.2 percent win rate. He’s clearly not getting carried to the top—he’s just a gun.

The chances of him getting picked up by a VALORANT team are currently quite low. However, as the young gun gets older, if he maintains his skill, he’s going to be the cream of the crop. Orgs will likely be lining up to get him on their squad.

Let’s hope we see him tearing up the pro leagues in years to come.


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