The Shurima trait in TFT Set 9.5, explained

Use the shifting sands to achieve victory.

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The sands are shifting in Teamfight Tactics Set 9.5, with one of the most popular regional traits coming with the strongest units in the set. Shurima, with its ability to heal its units and provide an attack speed buff, is a trait players will often spot in Set 9.5—and for a good reason.

Here is how the Shurima trait works in TFT Set 9.5, along with a list of all the units with the trait.

How the Shurima trait works in TFT Set 9.5

Shurima is a trait that provides an area-of-effect buff to allied units, but the amount of allies that receive the boost varies depending on how many Shurima units you have on your board. It works similarly to the Demacia trait also introduced with Set Nine and continuing into Set 9.5, but in this case, the placement of your units doesn’t matter at all for the effects of the Shurima buff.

The Shurima trait has four different levels: two units, four units, six units, and nine units. Shurima level one gives units five percent of their health back every four seconds, and after eight seconds, the strongest unit “Ascends,” and gains 20 percent added maximum health and 30 percent extra attack speed.

At four Shurima units, all the trait units will Ascend at the eight-second mark, gaining that health and attack speed bonus with an extra 15 percent overall bonus. At six, the Ascension begins at the start of combat with a 45 percent bonus. If you can get to level nine Shurima, Ascension happens twice, first at combat start and second at eight seconds in, along with a 75 percent bonus to the Ascension stat bonuses.

All the Shurima units in TFT Set 9.5

  • Cassiopeia (Noxus/Shurima/Invoker)
  • Renekton (Shurima/Bruiser)
  • Taliyah (Shurima/Multicaster)
  • Naafiri (Darkin/Shurima/Challenger)
  • Azir (Shurima/Strategist)
  • Nasus (Shurima/Juggernaut)
  • K’Sante (Shurima/Bastion)

Also, like fellow regional trait Demacia, there are only seven units with the Shurima trait in TFT Set 9.5, meaning players will have to find either two Emblems, an Emblem and an augment, or two augments to get the maximum bonus.

Naafiri, from League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics.
Naafiri, from League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics. | Image via Riot Games

As for which units work best for Shurima, your focus should be on Azir and Nasus. Both are your carry units, so aim to get them in as soon as possible and put your strongest items on them. When it comes to which traits combo well with Shurima, there are plenty.

Thanks to a wide variety of traits that Shurima units share, you can flex to Strategist, Juggernaut, Vanquisher, or even Bruiser with relative ease. Given how Shurima works to buff fellow units, it’s a great combo piece, and even just two Shurima units will provide a great boost alongside another major trait.

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