TFT streamer Emily Wang calls out top-ranked player for inappropriate chat behavior

Tasteless comments were ignored by some people in the community.

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Following a barrage of harassing comments from top-ranked Teamfight Tactics player DarkDraven69, Twitch streamer Emily Wang said enough is enough. 

Wang was recognized and rewarded for her TFT content yesterday, joining the social network Common as a partner. Less than 24 hours later, the content creator accused DarkDraven69 of making inappropriate comments in her Twitch chat during a Dec. 31 broadcast. DarkDraven69, who was rank one in China with 2,304 LP on Jan. 1, is also a partner with Common, according to its Discord channel.

Wang posted screengrabs from her Twitch chat that show DarkDraven69 writing “show feet pls.” The streamer eventually timed him out on Twitch for his inappropriate comments, confronted him on Discord, and then went public about the incident after feeling that members of the community weren’t taking her concerns seriously.

“I warned him to stop many times and even just timed him out for the first time because he’s been a big part of our community, and I didn’t want to cause issues,” Wang said. “It irritates me that I bring this up to various people privately in the community and nothing is done.” 

Common co-founder FlurTFT responded to Wang’s tweet, saying DarkDraven69’s “behavior is not okay.” Other than a warning, no immediate action was taken against the TFT streamer. 

“We’re really disappointed with his actions and will be extending him one warning,” Flur said. “No second chances after this.”

Flur told Dot Esports that the behavior exhibited by DarkDraven69 won’t be tolerated and that future inappropriate behavior from any team member will result in immediate dismissal. 

“At common,gg, we do not tolerate behavior which makes people feel unsafe or uncomfortable and a warning has been issued out,” Flur told Dot Esports. “Any recurring action from ANY of our team members or partners in the future will result in immediate dismissal from our organization.”

DarkDraven69 issued an apology to Wang titled a “Public apology to Emily” in Discord last night. 

“I didn’t realize how offensive my comments were because of cultural differences,” DarkDraven69 said. “Now I understand and won’t be doing this in the future. Please forgive me for my actions.” 

Wang is primarily a TFT streamer who also produces piano and VALORANT content on her Twitch channel.

Update Jan. 15 at 7pm CT: DarkDraven69 left Common after being warned by Flur, Wang told Dot Esports. An official announcement was posted on Twitter by Wang, revealing that she would stay as a partner at Common, following the departure of DarkDraven69.