TFT Set 7 OCE competitive roadmap: Tournaments, schedule, qualifiers, and updates

Players will compete for a total of two slots at Worlds.

Image via Riot Games

An upgraded Teamfight Tactics competitive roadmap for the Oceania region will provide a chance for two players to compete at the Dragonlands World Championship later this year.

A second slot at Worlds was provided to the OCE region during Set Six and will remain in effect for TFT Set Seven. Players will compete in three Cup tournaments, a Mid-Season Invitational, a Challenger Series tournament, and the Regional Finals throughout the Dragonlands set to determine who advances to Worlds.

New to the Set Seven competitive roadmap for the OCE region are Challenger points. Players can earn points throughout the Dragonlands season via ranking at the top of the ladder and through three tournaments: Challenger Series, Mid-Set Invitational, and Regional Finals. The goal behind Challenger points is to reward consistency, according to Riot, providing the OCE player with the most points an invite to the Dragonlands World Championship. 

Image via Riot Games


A total of three OCE tournament Cups are scheduled to take place throughout the Dragonlands season. 

  • Revel Cup: July 9 to 10
  • Swiftshot Cup: July 23 to 24
  • Tempest Cup: Sept. 17 to 18

Each tournament Cup is an open event that OCE players can register to compete in. The top eight players from the Revel and Swiftshot Cup earn an invite to the Mid-Set Invitational, and the top four from the Tempest Cup earn an invite to the Regional Finals.

Set Seven ladder snapshots and Challenger Series

Ranking at the top of the TFT ladder provides players a chance to compete in the Challenger Series while earning direct invites to the Mid-Set Invitational and the Regional Finals. Set Seven snapshots run from June 10 to Aug. 10, and Set 7.5 snapshots are from Sept. 7 to Sept. 28.

All players will have their lowest weak dropped during Set Seven but not 7.5. And players must compete in at least 10 Ranked Dragonlands games each week to remain eligible for points from ladder snapshots. 

The top 16 players via the Set Seven ladder snapshots will compete at the Challenger Series tournament from Aug. 6 to 7. Players can earn Challenger points based on placements at the tournament and the top four will advance to the Mid-Set Invitational. 

OCE TFT Mid-Set Invitational and Regional Finals

The OCE Mid-Set Invitational is scheduled from Aug. 19 to 21. A total of 24 players will compete in the tournament, providing eight invites to the Regional Finals. Players can also earn Challenger points at the Mid-Set Invitational.

Here are the four ways OCE players can earn an invite to the TFT Set Seven Mid-Set Invitational.

  • Revel Cup: Top eight
  • Swiftshot Cup: Top eight
  • Challenger Series: Top four
  • Set Seven ladder snapshot: Top four

The OCE Regional Finals will take place sometime in October, as no date has been released at the time of writing. A total of 24 players will compete in the tournament, with the winner earning an invite to the Dragonlands TFT World Championship. The OCE player with the highest earned Challenger points following the Regional Finals will earn an invite to Worlds.

Players competing in the Regional finals can earn an invite from the Mid-Set Invitational, the Tempest Cup, and the Set 7.5 ladder snapshot leaderboard.