TFT Set 6 Oct. 20 PBE patch: Full notes and bug fixes

The first PBE patch is packed with a number of fixes and changes.

TFT Set 6 Lux
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The first Teamfight Tactics PBE patch for Set Six contained a number of bug fixes and adjustments that hit champions and Hextech Augments. 

Updating on the PBE around 2pm CT on Oct. 20, bug fixes are the focus of this patch along with a number of balance changes. ZZ’Rot Portal will no longer crash a game when built and Shaco’s spell won’t benefit twice from critical strike damage. Tahm Kench and his Glutton trait were given a rework while Lux was slightly nerfed due to overperforming yesterday. 

Here’s every TFT Set Six PBE balance change from the Oct. 20 patch notes:

Set Six PBE champion changes

Lux was nerfed at one and two-star while Glutton and Tahm Kench received several adjustments. Fiora was given a mana buff and Veigar got a number of minor tweaks. 


  • Gangplank: Spell attack damage buffed from 150/170/200 to 170/180/200 percent
  • Gangplank: Spell base damage buffed from 120/150/250 to 125/175/250
  • Shaco: Mana adjusted from 35/70 to 50/90


  • Fiora: mana changed from 0/100 to 40/120
  • Lux: Spell damage nerfed from 275/450/1,337 to 225/375/1,337


  • Akali: Spell damage buffed from 225/300/2,000 to 250/325/2,000
  • Kai’Sa: Spell damage nerfed from 80/111/180 to 75/100/180
  • Tahm Kench: Devour deals 35 percent of its damage to units that are immune to crowd control
  • Veigar: Attack speed buffed from 0.7 to 0.8
  • Veigar: Mana changed from 0/75 to 0/70
  • Veigar: Spell damage buffed from 250/250/777 to 250/275/777

Set Six PBE trait changes

The Set Six trait Glutton, unique to Tahm Kench, was given a small rework and the dragon from Innovator was adjusted. 

  • Glutton: Stat Gain by Unit Cost: 5/7/8/10/11 to 5/8/11/14/17 (multiplied by 15 for Health) 
  • Glutton: All offensive units will now grant attack power. Tahm Kench can no longer gain attack damage through Glutton
  • Glutton: Combining Tahm Kench into higher star levels now adds all of the bonus stats from each combined Tahm Kench together rather than taking the highest of each stat 
  • Glutton: Players can feed Tahm Kench during combat phases if he is on the bench
  • Innovator: Dragon attack speed increased from 0.6 to 0.8
  • Innovator: Dragon armor and magic resistance shred increased from 60 to 100

Set Six PBE Hextech Augments

Adjustments to Hextech Augments include the shifting of tiers to specific stat changes. 

  • Built Different: Attack Speed increased from 30/45/60 to 40/60/80 percent 
  • Featherweights: Movement and attack speed increased from 40/60/80 to 50/75/100 percent
  • High Roller: Moved from tier two to three
  • Instant Injection (Chemtech): Moved from tier two to one
  • Knife’s Edge: Attack damage increased from 30/45/60 to 35/50/70 
  • Lifelong Learning (Scholar): Moved from tier one to two. Ability power increased from three to five
  • Shrug It Off (Bruiser): Moved from tier one to two
  • Sunfire Board: Damage decreased from 40 maximum HP to 30 percent maximum HP
  • Sunfire Board: Duration decreased from 16 to 12 seconds
  • Wise Spending: Moved from tier one to two and XP was changed from one to two

Set Six PBE bug fixes

Bugs plaguing Yummi yesterday, like not being able to shield her nearest ally with Cuddly, were resolved. And Yone’s clones won’t spawn more clones anymore.

  • Yone won’t heal more than intended 
  • Yone’s clones won’t spawn clones 
  • Yuumi Woodland Charm clones not gaining mana while attached was resolve
  • Yuumi’s Woodland Charm clone not granting the Cuddly shield to attached allies was fixed
  • Yuumi will now always attach to a unit that’s her nearest ally at the start of combat 
  • Dragon’s Claw’s item cube glow on PC is now blue to match its new art
  • Fixed incorrect Gold Mine visuals on Dark Star, Odyssey, and Spirit Blossom arenas 
  • Fixed flipped Gold Mine issues on Odyssey arenas 
  • Fixed a bug where ZZRot would crash the game 
  • Fixed a bug where Tahm Kench would retain his stats from Glutton when sold back to the shop 
  • Garen’s weapon no longer jitters on the ground during his celebration animation

Set Six is scheduled to hit the live servers on Nov. 3.

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