TFT Set 5’s second PBE patch nerfs Shadow Titan’s Resolve and Nidalee

Stay up to speed on all the changes that are taking place.

Teamfight Tactics Nidalee
Image via Riot Games

The second round of PBE patch notes for Teamfight Tactics Set Five Reckoning has dropped, highlighting a large number of nerfs and buffs. 

Players can expect another large PBE patch today for Set Five. The new TFT update targets a number of champions while hitting a couple of traits and items, too.

Nidalee was nerfed via several levers while Titan’s Explosive Resolve damage was reduced by 15 percent. A total of seven PBE patches are expected to take place prior to the launch of Set Five Reckoning on April 28 and game designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer revealed the second round of patch notes on Twitter this morning. 

A mana system change will also take place, reducing pre-mitigation damage while increasing post-mitigation damage—from two percent pre-mitigation and six percent post-mitigation damage to one percent pre-mitigation and seven percent post-mitigation. 

The Hellion trait was nerfed following a buff yesterday, reducing attack speed back down to 5/50/125 percent. And Renewer will receive its first balance change, reducing heal/mana from five/eight percent to three/six percent.

Redemption’s AoE damage reduction was reduced from 40 to 30 percent. And due to unkillable results, Titan’s Explosive Resolve (Shadow version) damage was reduced from 40 to 25 percent of damage taken. 

Several champions also had multiple levers adjusted. One-cost champs like Nidalee and Lissandra will have several balance changes applied, along with the four-cost Viego. 


  • Initial leap targeting was adjusted from lowest armor to lowest health.
  • Her Cougar leap will now have a three-second cooldown.
  • Nidalee spell damage was reduced from 150/250/450 to 125/200/400.
  • Spell bonus dodge was adjusted from 45 percent to 30/40/50 percent.


  • Lissandra’s spell primary damage was reduced from 350/450/600 to 250/350/450.
  • Spell secondary damage was reduced from 175/225/300 to 125/175/225.
  • Spell attack damage reduction was adjusted from 40 percent to 40/40/60 percent.
  • Spell attack damage reduction duration was changed from four to eight seconds.


  • Viego spell damage was increased from 150/250/1000 to 200/300/1000.
  • Mana was adjusted from 0/50 to 0/40.
  • Viego no longer casts on a dead unity if his auto-attack kills his target and generates enough mana to cause him to cast again. 
  • The maximum cast range of Viego’s’ auto-attack range is now at plus-one Hex.
  • Viego will no longer occasionally scoot one extra Hex after casting.
  • A bug fix resulting in infinite attack speed baby dragons from Heimerdinger was also resolved. 

Set Five Reckoning is live on the PBE servers and will continue to receive TFT patch updates leading up to its official launch on April 28.