TFT Set 5.5 Patch 11.16: Full notes and updates

Patch 11.16 is all about maintaining a healthy Set 5.5 meta.

TFT Set 5.5 Lucian
Image via Riot Games

A number of big and small balance changes are slated to take place in the Teamfight Tactics Patch 11.16, along with several significant reworks.

Scheduled to be released on Aug. 11, TFT Patch 11.16 is the first official update since Set 5.5 was released. Big changes include a rework to the Legionnaire trait, along with Nocturne and Lucian. A large number of Radiant items were also buffed or nerfed with the goal of toning down overpowered items while buffing the underperformers. Similar adjustments were applied to Set 5.5 champions, too.

Here are the full notes for TFT Set 5.5 Patch 11.16.


Kayle Set 5.5 TFT
Image via Riot Games

The Legionnaire trait was given a significant rework in which champions have bonus attack speed and heal for a portion of the damage they deal with attacks and abilities. 

  • Attack speed remains unchanged at 25/65/120/250 percent
  • New Omnivamp: 15/20/25/35 percent

Small trait changes slightly nerfed Abomination Monstrosity’s stage scaling, while an early-game buff was applied to Hellion and Ranger’s attack speed. 

  • Abomination: Monstrosity stage scaling nerfed from 20 to 16 percent
  • Abomination: Health reduced from1000/1400/1800 to 900/1400/1900
  • Abomination: Health per star level reduced from 100/140/180 to 90/140/190
  • Hellion: Attack speed changed from 5/30/75/150 to 10/30/70/130 percent
  • Ranger: Attack speed increased from 75/180 to 80/180 percent
  • Skirmisher: Attack damage per second slightly increased from 3/5/15 to 3/6/15
  • Nightbringer: Shield reduced from 30/60/100/250 to 30/60/90/200 percent
  • Nightbringer: Damage reduced from 20/30/40/80 to 20/30/40/70 percent
  • Sentinel: Attack speed reduced from 30/120/1000 to 25/120/1000 percent
  • Cannoneer: Attack percent reduced from 250/450/1200 to 225/450/1200 percent


Nocturne TFT Set 5.5
Image via Riot Games

Nocturne will get a rework in TFT Patch 11.16 in which his spin ability deals bonus physical damage, scaling with ability power, while the Assassin champ’s heal no longer scales with ability power. Lucian will now work with items like Runnan’s Hurricane, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, and Titan’s Resolve with every other shot from The Culling now counting as an attack. The change to Lucian will make him stronger with these items but he’ll lose power from lost Cannoneer procs. 


  • Leona: Starting mana buff from 0/80 to 40/80
  • Olaf: Berserker Rage heal on basic attack nerfed from 25/35/75 to 20/30/70
  • Vayne: Attack damage increased slightly from 30 to 35
  • Senna: Added scaling stun duration to tooltip


  • Irelia: Attack damage nerfed from 65 to 60
  • Irelia: Spell damage reduction base changed from 40/50/60 to 30/40/50 percent
  • Sejuani: Fury of the North bonus armor and magic resistance nerfed from 80/125/250 to 60/100/200
  • Sett: Armor and magic resistance slightly increased from 35 to 40
  • Thresh: Death Sentence damage nerfed from 200/400/1,000 to 175/350/800
  • Tristana: Spell attack speed nerfed from 120/140/160 to 120/130/140 percent
  • Varus: Attack damage slightly increased from 60 to 65


  • Nocturne: Umbra Blades bonus damage is now 70/85/110 and scales with AP
  • Nocturne: Umbra Blades attack damage ratio reduced from 125 to 75 percent
  • Nocturne: Umbra Blades heal changed from 90/95/100 to 100 percent flat and no longer scales with AP
  • Nocturne: Umbra Blades attack speed buff changed from 30/35/40 to a flat 35 percent
  • Lee Sin: Cripple damage nerfed at three-star from 250/350/700 to 250/350/650
  • Lee Sin: Mana adjusted from 30/70 to 30/80
  • Lulu: Attack damage buffed from 40 to 50
  • Lulu: Whimsy ally attack speed buff duration increased from four to five seconds
  • Riven: Blade of the Dawn bonus attack damage nerfed at three-star from 90/100/130 to 90/100/120 percent
  • Riven: Attack damage reduced from 85 to 80
  • Yasuo: Burning Blade damage nerfed at three-star from 250/350/650 to 250/350/600
  • Yasuo: Burning Blade stacking true damage on hit nerfed at three-star from 25/35/65 to 25/35/60
  • Yasuo: Attack speed reduced from 1.0 to 0.95


  • Lucian: Every other shot from The Culling now counts as an attack (which means it works with items like Runaan’s Hurricane, Statikk Shiv, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, and Titan’s Resolve)
  • Lucian: Health reduced from 800 to 700
  • Karma: Soulflare damage buffed from 210/260/700 to 225/280/750
  • Galio: Shield of Durand healing buffed from 50 to 60 percent
  • Galio: Shield of Durand damage nerfed at three-star from 200/300/2,000 to 200/300/1,200
  • Galio: Shield of Durand duration increased from two to 2.5 seconds
  • Rell: Health nerfed from 950 to 900
  • Ivern: Daisy stun duration adjusted from 2/2.5/6 to 1.5/2/6 seconds


  • Akshan: Heroic Swing attack speed buffed from 60/80/400 to 70/85/400 percent
  • Garen: God-Lion’s Justice percent health damage increased at two-star from 25/30/200 to 25/35/200 percent
  • Garen: Mana adjusted from 100/180 to 100/170
  • Gwen: Skip ‘n Slash armor and magic resistance steal changed from 1/1/11 to 2/2/11
  • Heimerdinger: Baby dragon fireball damage nerfed at one-star from 450/600/3,333 to 400/600/3,333
  • Volibear: Stun duration changed from 2.5/3.5/10 to 2/3.5/10


TFT Set 5.5 Tristana
Image via Riot Games

A total of 11 TFT Set 5.5 Radiant items, from Locket of the Targon to Redemption, were either buffed or nerfed. Vanilla items like Quicksilver got an increase in CC duration and Sunfire Cape was slightly nerfed. 

  • Blue Blessing Radiant: Bonus ability power buffed from 30 to 40 percent
  • Dvarapala Stoneplate Radiant: Armor and magic resistance per enemy increased from 35 to 40
  • Demonslayer Radiant: Base damage amp increased from 35 to 40 percent
  • Guinsoo’s Reckoning Radiant: New Radiant bonus of +30 percent attack speed
  • Covalent Spark Radiant: Bonus health regeneration reduced from two to one percent maximum health
  • Glamorous Gauntlet Radiant: Critical strike damage increased from 80 to 90 percent
  • Locket of the Targon Radiant: Prime shield value increased from 500/600/700 to 600/700/800
  • Rabadon’s Ascended Deathcap Radiant: Ability power increased from 110 to 120 percent
  • Redemption Radiant: Missing health heal reduced from 35 to 25 percent
  • Statikk’s Favor Radiant: Chain lightning magic damage increased from 100 to 115
  • Sunlight Cape Radiant: Bonus health regeneration changed from one to 0.5 percent maximum health
  • Quicksilver: Crowd control immunity duration increased from 12 to 15 seconds
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap: Ability power slightly buffed from 70 to 75 percent
  • Redemption: Missing health heal slightly nerfed from 20 to 18 percent
  • Sunfire Cape: Burn damage nerfed from 25 to 20 percent and duration reduced from 10 to eight seconds. 

Sentinel Little Legends

TFT Pengu
Image via Riot Games

There are a total of two Sentinel bundles that will be available with Patch 11.16. The first bundle is priced at 260 RP or $2 and the second costs 650 RP or $5.

Sentinel starter bundle one 

  • Sentinel Haunting
  • Bonus Series 1 Little Legend egg
  • Bonus Series 2 Little Legend egg
  • Bonus Series 3 Little Legend egg

Sentinel starter bundle two

  • Sentinel Flutterbug
  • Bonus Series 4 Little Legend egg
  • Bonus Series 5 Little Legend egg
  • Bonus Friends from Afar egg
  • Bonus Cosmic Companions egg
  • Bonus Immortal Creatures egg
  • 100 Star Shards

Bug fixes

  • Radiant Rapid Firecannon on Nunu will properly cast at his increased attack range
  • Zephyr and Radiant Zephyr can no longer hit the same target
  • Taunts will no longer interrupt Lucian’s channel
  • Radiant Zephyr’s attack speed buff will get removed at the end of each combat