TFT 11.5 Patch Rundown breaks down outlier tweaks

The Set 4.5 meta continues to evolve.

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A behind-the-scenes look at Patch 11.5 by Principal Teamfight Tactics lead designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer and live balance team member Riot Kent today highlighted small but significant changes coming next week. 

Taking lead over Patch 11.5, Riot Kent affirmed the TFT meta is in a healthy place. To avoid “[shaking] things up too much,” Patch 11.5 is a small update designed to tweak outlier issues. Based on unit data and meta diversity, most of the four-cost units are in a good spot, according to Riot Kent. From a small nerf to Janna and buffs to Elderwood, Riot Kent and Mortdog broke down the TFT 11.5 update via today’s Patch Rundown.    

The TFT team did add a debuff overhaul, placing all debuffs under a shared system. Players aren’t likely to visibly see these debuff changes, as the changes are more about internal balancing and adjustments. Players will notice a change to Aurelion Sol regarding Mage Cap and Trap Claw, along with Samira adjustments that “reduces the ceiling” for not having that perfect build. Swain and Yone were also buffed, making Blue Buff “a lot less necessary” on Yone and increasing Burn Damage from Swain. 

Here’s every buff and nerf taking place in the TFT 11.5 patch:

  • Janna: Eye of the Storm Shield amount reduced from 250/300/400 to 250/275/350.
  • Lulu: Mana reduced from 80/150 to 75/140.
  • Veigar: Dark Blossom damage increased from 450/600/900 to 500/650/1000.
  • Aurelion Sol: Trap Claw can now stop the dragon’s second cast. With Mage cap now casts the second cast 0.1 seconds later. 
  • Morgana: Removed Magic Resist Shred from her tooltip.
  • Samira: Inferno Trigger deals base physical damage, along with a percentage of her attack damage. Inferno Trigger Damage is 15/25/40. Inferno Trigger attack damage percent scaling reduced from 50/60/80 to 30/40/60 percent. Samira’s ultimate fires 18 shots.
  • Swain: Draconic Ascension burning damage increased from 25 to 30 percent over 10 seconds.
  • Yone: Unforgotten mana cost reduced from 20 to 10. 
  • Deathblade: Starting stacks reduced from four to three.
  • Sunfire Cape: Max health burn damage over 10 seconds reduced from 25 to 20 percent. Sunfire Cape applies a burn every two seconds instead of 2.5 seconds.
  • Statikk Shiv: Damage increased from 60 to 65. 
  • Trap Claw: Counters Aurelion Sol. Trap Claw missile travels faster. 
  • Morellonomicon: Burn damage increased from 25 to 30 percent over 10 seconds.
  • Sell Hotkey: Disabled on PC in round one
  • Carousel Rounds: The shop is disabled to prevent accidental purchases. 

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Patch 11.5 is scheduled to release on March 3. Players can test out every change via the PBE server. Not all changes previewed via the TFT Patch Rundown are guaranteed to ship upon release, as adjustments are subject to change.