Here are the goodies in Teamfight Tactics Set 4 Fates Pass

Earn extra rewards with the pass plus.

Teamfight Tactics Sprite Emperor Makeover Little Legend
Image via Riot Games

The upcoming Teamfight Tactics Set 4 Fates Pass will contain a free arena and a number of personalization options, including two more arenas, blasts, and a Little Legend.

Similar to previous TFT passes and pass-plus, the Fates Pass will go live with the Set Four launch on Sept. 16. Players can unlock eggs and emotes for free, along with the new Journey’s Destination Arena. 

Image via Riot Games

There’s also the Fates plus pass, priced at 1,295 RP. In addition to the free rewards, the plus pass will include 300 Star Shards for the first time in TFT history. Star Shards allow players to upgrade their Little Legends once a one-star version is acquired. 

The Fates plus pass will also contain two additional arenas: Journey’s Outset and Journey’s Path. Each has a classic feel to it, with a splash of Ionia Spirit Blossom tones. 

And players can earn four new blasts to smite an opponent with after winning a battle. The first three are standard while the fourth has a unique spin on it, similar to Void Spikes from the Galaxies mid-set. 

Image via Riot Games

Other sweet customizations include Fates-themed Fuwa Little Legend and a Jade Emperor makeover for Sprite. 

Items that aren’t included in the pass plus but can be purchased in the TFT store include three new interactive Fates arenas and three Little Legend dragons. Players can buy the Set Four Fates pass plus and other personalizations starting on Sept. 16.