Senna, Lucian, and Amumu enter Teamfight Tactics Set 2, along with the new Soulbound Class

It looks like the mummy is third-wheeling.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends fans were pleased when Senna’s release allowed them to reunite Lucian with his long-lost wife in the bot lane. And now, Teamfight Tactics players will be able to do the same in Riot’s autobattler.

A TFT update posted on League’s website today breaks down the lovely couple entering Set Two: Rise of the Elements, along with the new Soulbound Class. And everyone’s favorite mummy will also make his TFT debut when Amumu joins the Inferno Warden class.

Here are all the new additions coming to Rise of the Elements.

Soulbound Class

Image via Riot Games

“The first Soulbound unit to die in a round will instead enter the Spirit Realm, becoming untargetable and continuing to fight as long as another Soulbound unit is alive,” Riot said.

To proc the Soulbound bonus, players will need two units on the board. And since Senna and Lucian will be the only Soulbound champions in the game, the couple will live and die together.


Image via Riot Games

Cost: Two

Origin: Shadow

Class: Soulbound

Ability: Piercing Darkness

  • Senna fires a beam through her furthest ally, dealing 50/100/150 magic damage to enemies, and buffing allies’ on-hits for five seconds to deal 25/45/65 magic damage from Senna.


Image via Riot Games

Cost: Four

Origin: Light

Class: Soulbound

Ability: The Culling

  • Lucian fires at four times his normal attacks per second in a direction for four seconds, each attacking for 20/30/50 percent of his attack damage, applying on-hits, and dealing 30/40/50 magic damage.


Image via Riot Games

Cost: Five

Origin: Inferno

Class: Warden

Ability: Curse of the Sad Mummy

  • Amumu’s rage explodes, dealing 250/500/1,337 magic damage to enemies within two/three/four Hexes and stunning them for 1.5 seconds.

A PBE preview, tweeted by TFT lead designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer, shows the new units in action while they terrorize the competition on the Convergence.

Mortdog also explained some changes to the Shadow and Inferno classes to make sure the new units don’t adversely affect the meta.

“With the release of Lucian/Senna, Shadow is swapping to a 3/6 model instead of 2/4,” Mortdog said. “Inferno is getting some big changes. It now also procs on Crits, and 6/9 cause more hexes on fire.”

The new champions, along with the Soulbound class, will likely make their TFT debut in Patch 9.24.