Riot to test a new TFT mechanic soon that could play a big role in Set 9

A Set Nine mechanic is getting previewed during the last three patches of Set 8.5.

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Riot Games is changing up the final patches of Teamfight Tactics Set 8.5, adding a Portal mechanic to Normal mode, which is similar to the main mechanic in Set Nine.

For fun patches in TFT are getting a rework during Set 8.5. Sets are undergoing a huge change next year with the elimination of Mid-Set updates, and the team is setting up for those adjustments by testing a variation of a mysterious Set Nine mechanic. Starting on May 3 through Patch 13.9, Portals are coming to Normal mode. And will continue to drop in the following two patches leading up to the launch of Set Nine, according to the TFT devs

What are TFT Portals in Normal?

The Normal mode in Set 8.5 will start looking different from the Ranked mode starting on May 3. Without disrupting the Ranked ladder or competitive TFT esports, the Portals in Normals is a three-patch adjustment that will include Portals that randomly drop a range of goodies at specific Stages. Each Portal is named after a region within Runeterra. 

  • Demacia Portal: Two item components
  • Piltover Portal: Lesser Champion Duplicate, item remover, Reforger, and Loaded Dice
  • Targon Portal: Tactician’s Crown
  • Ionia Portal: Target Dummy and 15 gold
  • Shadow Isles Portal: Champion Duplicator and two four-cost champions
  • Noxus Portal: Two completed item Anvils
  • Freljord Portal: Orn item Anvil
  • Void Portal: Thief’s Gloves
  • Shurima Portal: Tome of Traits and five gold

Specific items from each region are subject to change prior to and during the Portals in Normal process. The regional Portals all have fixed loot drops and all players will get the same contents from each Portal. 

When do TFT Portals drop?

Each patch, from Patch 13.9 to 13.11 will include an addition of regional Portals. The number of times a Portal can drop at a specific Stage will also increase over the course of the three patches. 

Patch 13.9 portals

  • Stage 2-6: Demacia, Piltover, Tagon, or no Portals.
  • Stage 3-3: No portals.
  • Stage 4-3: No portals.

Patch 13.10

  • Stage 2-6: Demacia, Piltover, and Tagon at 30 percent, and no Portals at 10 percent.
  • Stage 3-3: No Portals.
  • Stage 4-3: Freljord, Void, Shurima at 30 percent and no Portals at 10 percent.

Patch 13.11

  • Stage 2-6: Demacia, Piltover, and Tagon at 25 percent 
  • Stage 3-3: Ionia, Shadow Isles, and Noxus at 25 percent
  • Stage 4-3: Freljord, Void, and Shurima at 25 percent

Players can start testing out the TFT Set 8.5 changes coming to the Normal mode on May 3 through Patch 13.9.


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