Riot removes full-item carousels from TFT in Set 4 Fates

Strategic freedom returns.

Teamfight Tactics Set Three Little Legends
Screengrab via Riot Games

Full-item carousels are going away in Set Four of Teamfight Tactics, providing more flexibility throughout a match, Riot Games announced today.

Full-item carousels that popped up in the early and mid-game stages of a TFT match were labeled as “being Mortdoged” in Set Three Galaxies, often leaving players in a bad position. More often than not, players strategically went on a losing streak to gain priority in an upcoming carousel during the early game but were punished instead. Learning from past mistakes, the TFT dev team has removed full-item carousels from Set Four, Fates.

“In the next set, you won’t see full item carousels (except the rare all Force of Nature ones) so you’ll always have control over your game,” the TFT team said. 

Carousels containing full items were meant to provide additional variety via full offensive and defensive items. But coming across this type of carousel often took choices away from players and prevented them from completing necessary items needed to stabilize.

The upcoming Fates set in TFT will provide “ a more predictable style of carousels” that will allow players to “anticipate a more variant outcome at specific times,” according to the devs. Playing strategically shouldn’t punish players, which is why the carousel change is taking place in Set Four. 

A change to the second carousel in Set Four was revealed by Mortdog this past weekend, featuring a reduction in overall variance. Changes occurring to carousels will go live with the launch of Fates on the PBE this coming weekend.

Adjustments to the carousels on the PBE aren’t written in stone and are subject to change prior to the official release of TFT Set Four on Sept. 16.