Riot pushing back Teamfight Tactics’ new “Galaxies” mechanic to Patch 10.7

The new feature won’t debut with the Set Three.

Image via Riot Games

With the intergalactic action only a couple of days away, Riot Games updated Teamfight Tactics fans on the new Galaxies mechanic system today.

TFT lead gameplay designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer explained that the Galaxies feature will be pushed back until Patch 10.7, giving fans one patch to experience the game with normal rulesets.

“We want one patch to get a hold on what the normal state of the game is, and give you a chance to dive into the new set first (especially for those that did not get a chance to play on PBE), so we will have one patch with no Galaxies,” Mortdog said.

The new mechanic provides game-to-game variety by offering a specific ruleset, such as every player starting with two Neeko’s Helps. TFT devs decided players would be better off testing out the normal Set Three rules first, however, before giving them Galaxies to toy around with. After players get a chance to test out the new set in Patch 10.6, five Galaxies will likely be added with Patch 10.7.

Though some may be bumped to the next patch, here are the five Galaxies potentially debuting in Patch 10.7.

  • Neekoverse: Every player starts with two Neeko’s Helps.
  • Lilac Nebula (previously Purple Haze): Initial Carousel is all four-cost champions.
  • Trade Sector: The first reroll each round is free.
  • Superdense Galaxy: Players receive a free Force of Nature on reaching level five.
  • Not So Little Legends: Little Legends have more starting health and are larger.

Teamfight Tactics Set Three: Galaxies kicks off this week.