Keane reveals Teamfight Tactics Set 2 champion and item tier list

The winner of the Rise of the Elements Invitational shares his thoughts.

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Former League of Legends pro Jang “Keane” Lae-young made a seamless transition to Riot Games’ autobattler. He has multiple high-ranked accounts and won the Rise of the Elements Invitational last week. And now, Keane created a tier list to help new players jump into Set Two with some confidence.

Keane posted a tier list for champions and items on Twitter yesterday, breaking down exactly what makes each entry overpowered or underwhelming.

Here are Keane’s champion and item tier lists for TFT Set Two: Rise of the Elements.

Champion tier list

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As far as top-tier units go, eight champions share the limelight. Keane’s S class is diverse, with different elements, classes, and unit costs making the list.

Kindred is a three-cost champion with three traits: Inferno, Shadow, and Ranger. Wolf and Lamb are considered an “OP champ” by Keane when manipulating the Shadow trait, however, which gives units increased damage at the start of combat that refreshes on takedowns.

Kha’Zix is a four-cost Assassin with extremely high value, while Qiyana can stun enemy units for up to five seconds when max level.

And while high-cost champions like Master Yi and Lux are shoo-ins for the S class, what’s most interesting is Keane’s valuation for low-cost units like Malzahar, Sion, and Diana. The Invitational winner believes the two Shadow champions, Malzahar and Sion, are better options than other units that cost more. And Diana is the “strongest champion with one cost,” according to Keane.

Many other units can fit into synergies and team comps in certain situations, but Keane suggests turning your back on champions in the D and E classes, which includes Ornn, Skarner, Thresh, Braum, and Taliyah.

Item tier list

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Since Master Yi is unrivaled in Set Two, playing off of the champion’s Blademaster trait is a viable strategy. Building Blade of the Ruined King to hit the four Blademaster buff can help Yi take over a match and lead you to victory.

And Iceborn Gauntlet, which creates a zone of ice that slows the attack speed of nearby enemy units whenever you dodge an attack, is a great item normally. The Wind Elemental Hex, which increases the dodge chance of units standing on it, takes the item to the next level. Increasing the number of dodges means Iceborn Gauntlet’s effect will proc far more often.

Keane recommends players stay away from the D and E class, like Warden’s Mail and Berserker Axe.

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